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September 16, 2011
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When I walked by I saw your smile
I saw the joy you held inside
I took you out and you skidded on tile
You never even tried

And you stole my heart so fast
In that place you gave a light
A light I knew that could not last
But I still knew that you would fight.

I brought you into my warm embrace
And ran beside you in the sun
I didn't care that you had a pit-bull face
All I cared was that we could run

Side by side
I loved you as my own
And from you I never had to hide
My love for you so brightly shown

And I fed you from my very hand
I held you in my tattered arms
I ran with you throughout that land
Trying to protect you from the harms.

And together we played
But I knew that this day would come
I knew you could have never stayed
But I still feel so very numb

I will always remember you as joy
The essence of every soul
Never even a little coy
And always being whole

Always laughing and grinning
Never angry or scared
And we are still winning
Because everyone will know we cared

I will stay here
I will meet you
Without a single tear
I will still continue

I will hear the voices of the silent
I will stand for all
I will not tolerate the violent
I will catch them if they fall

Never will my heart go cold
Never will my soul be sold
Because I will remember you so sweet
I will remember you as kind

And I will meet you in that street
And happiness is what we'll find.
I will love you forever my Sadie,
The beautiful young pit-bull lady.

6 - 17 - 2010
Poem: 70

For one of my beloved Pit Bulls, she had the greatest smile, the cutest face, and the biggest heart. I miss her along with my other Bully Baby, Jacy. I named her and she was amazing, I am sorry to have seen her go, I would have taken her in a heartbeat. But she got so sick, she is in a better place now, one without judgement, without ignorance, and without pain. I hope I made her final days comfortable, at least she knows that even in the dark, even in that place... I loved her, I cared, and I will never forget her face, I will never forget her love, And I will never get the days she was there for me.
awe so sad. today i just found out my friends cat was dying and i was so sad. She had her for 2 years and you was crying all day today. I can only imagine what you guys are going through. She's going through a hard time since she thinks she could have done something if she knew sooner and she feels bad. She even told me she doesn't know what she would do when her dog, that she owned for like 10 years now, died as well. I means she's balling her eyes out for her cat, and she only had her for like 2 years.

Sorry that probably didn't have much to do with you, it's just the feeling just crashed down on me again :(

lovely poem though
TaLa-JaCKaL Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well there were a lot of purposes for this, pit bull awareness, punish the deed not the breed, relating to others, comforting other owners, letting them know they're not alone so, yeah. If you give me more info I can write her a poem for her cat =) Really sorry to hear about that though, hope she pulls through ok, I know it is heart breaking
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